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The Kappa Tau House

Greek fan fiction

ABC Family Greek Fan Fiction
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Greek Television Series
Welcome to the Kappa Tau House! A fan fiction community for the ABC Family Show Greek! While the show is just starting out, I know fans so will be itching for some fan fiction.
Rules & Regulations

001. Announcements*, discussions about the show or the actors, and introduction posts are NOT ALLOWED.

* Some exceptions of general interest to the Greek Fan Community may be allowed at the discretion of the mods. In general, announcements of single user journals are not allowed, such as love memes, fic journals, etc. Reccing fics is reserved for those communities such as recs and omegachihouse.

What is allowed? As long as it pertains directly to the Greek fandom:
Fan fiction of all genres and ratings
Fan poetry
Fan essays on characters / general show
Fan Videos
Fan created Graphics (if a photomanipulation, please notify in post)

002. Posting: This community is moderated to help the mods organize the favorites. Most posts will go through on the same day they are posted, or shortly after. The title of your story (even if it's "Untitled), must go in the subject line or the submission will be rejected.

After the first couple posts, if a poster is shown to have followed posting guidelines, they will be added to a pre-approved list and will not require moderation. This can be removed at any time.

003. Formatting: If you are posting fiction directly into the comm, please use standard fonts. Not small, not bold. The same for your headers. If you've customized your journal to handle specialized formatting, please remember, this comm is not configured like your journal.

Please PREVIEW your submission. Bad formatting, including but not limited to stray html tags, bad cut tags, overly large or overly small fonts, will cause your post to be rejected.

004. Warnings & Ratings: Please label all your fiction/fan creation with the appropriate ratings and warnings. This applies to language, sex, excessive violence and gore. Also, remember to note any episode spoilers that may be in your story. Someone might not have seen the episode and prefer to watch it before knowing what was going to happen.

005. Real Person Fic (RPF/RPS) is welcome in this community, but it must be labeled as such. As always, include a disclaimer. Any fic that includes any of the actors affiliated with the show are accepted.

006.kappatauhouse story upload format is as follows

Subject Line: Title of story, plus part number if applicable, and rating.

In the post body please use the following header template:

Title: (including part #)
Series: (If Applicable)
Rating: (a range that says R-NC17 will be archived under the higher rating. The ratings already established are G, PG, PG13, R, NC17, Adult, No Rating)
Notes/Disclaimers/Summary: If the piece is episode related, that's good to know.

007. Please don't link to a friends-locked entry, as the post will be deleted. And do not keep it open for 5 days then lock the entry, this will also be deleted

008. Tags: tagging is left to the poster from pre-made tags. If there is not a tag for what you are posting, please let the moderator know by either contacting them or posting to this post.

009. Ratings: This community will allow all content except for NC-17 and its equivalents. Due to the range of ages in this community, there are often children under the required age and to be on the safe side we are just not going to allow Adult fiction to be posted to the group.

However, one can link to a story that is NC-17 as long as it is probably warned in the posting header.

010. Fan Mixes/Soundtracks We do allow the posting of fan mixes. However, please do not link to actual music files directly on the comm. the posts to the group must be friends locked to keep non-members from seeing the posts.

011. Lastly, have fun! I just hope people are craving some good fan fic like I am.

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