Fic: Greek-The Following Semester

Title: Greek-The Following Semester
Author: cruloveforever 
Disclaimer: I don't own Greek or the characters; the only thing I own are some original characters that will come up in the story
Pairings: Follows all characters and pairings from the series finale
Summary: Have you been wondering what might have happened after the events of the finale? I did, so I wrote my own take on what might have happened. 7 chapters posted as of 5/14, with more to come.
GREEK: for laughing at your jokes

for laughing at your jokes - fic

Author: helen_halliwell 
Disclaimer: I don't own them!
Spoilers: All aired episodes.
Rating: PG
Summary: Casey is waiting in the airport to board her flight. Hints at potential future Casey/Cappie. 
Author's notes: One-shot. Just something I needed to get out of me since we have a long time before the premiere.

It's always been this way with them, bad timing and the wrong words. 
musketeers: but you told me i'm golden

with a heart in the middle (cappie/casey, g)

Title: with a heart in the middle
Author: empressearwig
Pairing/Fandom: Cappie/Casey; Greek
Rating: G
Spoilers: All aired episodes
Word Count: 1270
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this is all for fun. This hasn't happened. Yet. Etc.
Summary: Summer in Ohio means festivals.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt "summer holiday/festival" for schmoop_bingo.

[with a heart in the middle]

Fic: Adventures at Cyprus Rhodes

Title: Adventures at Cyprus Rhodes
Pairing: Will turn into Cappie/Casey in future chapters, and other pairings will develop as well
Rating: PG
Summary: Starts about a month after the season 3 finale and will go through the summertime and possibly further. Many of the Greek gang, including those graduating, are staying at CRU this summer.  What adventures will these crazy kids get up to now?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Greek or any of the characters, except for some original characters that will pop up throughout the story
Author notes: My first Greek fanfiction and I'm still trying to figure out this LJ thing.  Prologue through Chapter 6 are posted as of 8/17/10, other chapters will be posted as I update.</span>
Book stack

Fic: Even Miles Apart

Title: Even Miles Apart
Author: katayla
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Spoilers: For all aired episodes.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1077
Summary: Cappie/Casey. The fourth anniversary of the day Cappie and Casey met.
Author’s notes: For everyone on my flist who wanted me to write more Greek fic. Written for the prompt "anniversary – miles apart" at schmoop_bingo.
Ashleigh is also a pirate

Fic: Do You Get Me Now (Ashleigh/f, R)

Title: Do You Get Me Now
Author: mosca
Pairings: Ashleigh/f, Cal/m, Ashleigh/Casey
Rating: R for sexual content
Spoilers/Continuity: Spoilers through the current episode; slightly AU.
Warnings: None standard.
Summary: The Rainbow Alliance Charity Drag ball isn't Ashleigh's usual Saturday night – and that might be the best possible thing.
Word count: about 2,700.
Disclaimers: Greek is the intellectual property of Piller Squared, The Segan Company, and ABC Family. This story is a labor of love, not money, so it's protected in the USA by the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976.
Notes: Written for the Sex Is Not the Enemy Fic/Artathon, run by the wonderful miscellanny. This is my picture prompt, which is NSFW. Profuse thanks to annaalamode for beta reading and for letting me pimp her into this fandom. Title is from "Pride and Joy" by Brandi Carlile.

( In what way is a room full of drunk gay guys not your thing? )
browder shanks kiss

Former Friends Make the Best Enemies

Title: Former Friends Make the Best Enemies
Author: smallearthcat
Pairing: Cappie/Evan
Rating: PG
Summary: Evan and Cappie meet again at their ten year reunion.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Greek or any of the characters therein, and this certainly isn’t true.
Author notes: Vague spoilers for episode 3.10. Comments and con crit. are much appreciated. Written for kaneko for Yuletide.
Slash, rusty, Cappie, Greek


WARNING: the story is slash, which I know might not be accepted but you have been warned

Title: Between pretty and Rusty
rating: PG
Summary: Cappie likes pretty things. one of 2 drabbles  (the other is in my journal, just follow the slash tag)
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